Online casinos are all about managing your expectations and skills accordingly. What you are expecting CAN be achieved but then again, you need to be prepped up for it. We are not merely talking about games and bankrolls here. There are some other aspects which count in too. Online casinos are all about managing each and every tiny bit of your gaming, skills and persona with suaveness and style.

- The house or the casino (whatever you may want to call it), always wins. You ask how and why? Well, for the how part, its quite simple. Each online or land based casino has implemented its own set of policies and rules. They take a percentage off of every single won or lost game. This way they can make profit. As far as 'why' is concerned, then no one wants to work for free. Even if you win a game, online casinos will be handing over the booty after deducting some taxes.

- Online casinos are all about specialization in skills. Specialize, specialize and specialize in what you love and play the most. You have a heart for Online Blackjack? Then go ahead and master it. It's a strategic based game but as long as you are not spending enough time through free online blackjack games, chuck out the idea of having those scones!

- Online gambling can easily crawl under your skin and then it will make its way to your head. In other words, you can get addicted to it to a great extent. So manage your time, money and online gambling 'hobby'. Resistance is futile in most cases, but it needs to be done.